Final Reflection P.A.PER

The Final Reflection P.A.P.E.R will focus on integrating, synthesizing, and analyzing your learning experience. It will give you an opportunity to reflect on and articulate some of what you have learned or thought about during the class. You will have the opportunity to discuss any new questions that you have as a result of what you have learned.MThis P.A.P.E.R should be 10 pages in length and is due by January 15 on Blackboard Learn.(See pages 10-11 in our course syllabus.)
P.Aper requirements:

  • 8 pages (not including cover page and References page)
  • Double-spaced
  • Times New Roman font
  • 12-point font
  • 1-inch margins
  • You may break the p.Aper up into smaller headings to address the separate component questions (self-awareness and course experience)
  • Remember that you are not graded on your opinions or perspectives. You will be graded on Organization, Insight & Critical Thinking, and Writing Skills.

Discuss your responses to the following questions: Self-Awareness:

  • Looking back at your Multiple Identity Analysis Project, do you have any new insights or thoughts about your identities?
  • Did you learn anything about yourself (your beliefs, your opinions, or your perspectives) through this course?
  • Do you have any plans to continue to explore your understanding of your identities and/or your experiences? If yes, how?
  • Are there any factors that may cause you to refrain from continued self-reflection or exploration about your identities and/or experiences?

Course Experience:

  • In what ways do you think you were challenged by course content, assignments, or discussions?
  • How did you feel issues of conflict or disagreement were managed or discussed within Discussion Board Threads?
  • Did you miss anything from having the course online instead of face-to-face? For example, did you notice that anything was lacking in the online section that you imagine would have been better in a face-to-face version?
  • Was there anything that you preferred in having this course online instead of face-to-face?
  • What aspects of the course had the most impact on your learning: readings, discussions, peer questions/comments, instructor questions/comments, videos and/or P.APE.R assignments? Be specific when you mention course materials.
  • Include a References section.

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