Final Submission

I want you to read and understand the instructions

First, the topic and the questions are uploaded, second look at the Rubric.

Step 3- Interview:

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1. Ask only one question at a time. Don’t combine multiple questions.

2. Remain as neutral as possible. Refrain from posing loaded and compound questions and avoid judgmental wording.

3. Word the questions clearly. Make them concise.

4. Phrase your questions in such a way as to ensure an open-ended response. Don’t put words in the interviewees’ mouths and let them choose their own vocabulary and phrasing when responding.

5. Be careful when asking “why” questions as this type of question suggests a cause-effect relationship that may not actually exist.

6. The last question should be an invitation for the interviewee to add any final points or comments of his own.

Interview Paper – Final Submission

Each student prepares a 5 to 6 pages long report (excluding the cover and references pages) in APA style. All papers should have an objective statement. Save your work in Word. Submit your paper through the title link on Blackboard by 1 December 2019.

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of the cultural variables, how they shape individual perspective and to demonstrate your inclusive leadership and commitment to equality in your work.

Make sure to reflect on the following questions in your analysis/ conclusion section:

Why did you choose to interview a person from this particular group?
What are some challenges faced by members of this specific group?
What do you believe to be an effective strategy to introduce this specific group to individuals who have only experienced a limited number of cultures?
How would you handle a situation in which someone made a prejudiced remark (racist/homophobic/ethnocentric etc.) in your work place?
How do you plan to advocate for traditionally under served communities with individuals who don’t see its value?

Your paper should have four sections: Title, Abstract, Main Body, Analysis & Conclusion and References. “Main Body” cannot be the title of your section

Name your project. “Interview Paper” cannot be the name of your work.

APA recommends 12 pt. Times New Roman

Type your title using upper and lowercase letters. Do not underline your titles.

Begin the abstract on a new page.

Center “Abstract” as the first line on your new page.

On the next line, summarize the concise points of your research. Your abstract should be between 150 and 250 words.

You may wish to include keywords for your paper: to do so indent the line after your abstract, write “Keywords:” and follow with your key words. Both should be italicized.

At the end of your paper, begin a new page. This is your references page.

You must support your analysis with at least five (5) scholarly references. Make sure that these references are not used as required or recommended readings in this course. You will find that the CMU library is an excellent place to find these sources. However, this does not preclude you from using additional credible sources, including newspapers, trade journals, government reports, and white papers. You may also use course required or recommended readings as other sources over the required five (5) references.

Your references should be no older than five (5) years for the five (5) references that are required. However, if you find some historical data that is applicable to your assertions, opinions, or thinking, by all mean provide. Nevertheless, they cannot count as part of the five (5) references as stated above.

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