Florida Atlantic University Three Fastest Growing Companies in US Paper

At least 110 words per question.

site your sources for each only if needed.

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6. Should copyrighted music be available on the Internet free of charge, even if it is against the wishes of the artist and the recording company? Consider both sides of the argument to make a more convincing argument.

7. Given the difficulties in accurately predicting the future, is a business plan useful? Provide three reasons for writing one and three reasons for not preparing a plan. What is your conclusion and why?

8. What are the three most effective advertisements on television? Why are they effective? What are the three least effective advertisements on television? Why are they ineffective? Are they really ineffective if you have been able to recall them?

9. Why would entrepreneurs open themselves up to personal financial losses by using a proprietorship rather than a company?

10. Is it more important for an entrepreneur to track cash or profits? Does it depend on the type of business and/or industry? What troubles will an entrepreneur face if she or he tracks only profits and ignores cash? What troubles will an entrepreneur face if she or he tracks only cash and ignores profits?

11. Why don’t all firms use bootstrap financing? Are there any dangers with this approach? What are the benefits of having some financial slack (e.g., some extra cash in reserve)? What are the costs of that financial slack?

12. An investor provides an entrepreneurial firm with the capital that it needs to grow. Over and above the capital, in what other ways can the investor add value to the firm? What are the possible downsides of having a venture capitalist as an investor in the business?

13. Which are the three fastest-growing companies in the country? What opportunities have they pursued to achieve this level of growth? What growth mechanism have they used (internal, joint venture, acquisitions, franchising, etc.)?

14. Being a franchisor seems to be a mechanism for growth, but what are the growth prospects for entrepreneurs that are franchisees? Isn’t the entrepreneur limited in his or her ability to pursue all the different types of growth strategies? Is being a franchisee simply substituting one type of employment for another type of employment? How can a franchisee grow his or her business (es)?

15. What are the issues facing an entrepreneur in deciding whether or not the business needs to be put into bankruptcy today?

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