Florida Gateway College Sound and Fury Six Years Later Movie Analysis Paper

Introduction: “Sound and Fury Six Years Later” is another engaging look at this extraordinary family in the years since their first movie captured audiences around the world.

“Sound and Fury” ended with 6-year-old Heather’s family deciding not to give her the cochlear implant. With the family painfully divided over this issue, Heather’s parents decided to move their family to a deaf community to bring their kids up in the signing deaf world.

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The Assignment:

Watch the documentary: Sound and Fury 6 Years Later

Write a reflection paper with 6 or more paragraphs (at least 7 sentences per paragraph). This is an opinion paper so no right or wrong responses. I’m looking for not just a summation of the movie, but also any insights or opinions formed on the topic discussed (Cochlear Implants). What did you learn and were you surprised on the outcome (based on the opinion your formed watching the first film)?

Acceptable Length: Paper must be 2-3 page summary (500-750 words minimum – going over the word limit is ok!)

Formatting Requirements: Proper English format. Remember that plagiarism is cheating. Include references at the end.

Grading Criteria: Students should describe thoughts in collegiate English format. Failure to completely respond will result in a lowered grade. For a grade of 100%, the student will tell their own thoughts about Sound and Fury 6 Years Later and will also take note of any culture information learned. All references must be included.

the video is on youtube

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