Florida State University Week 5 Land and Water Pollution Answers

Week 5 Assignment

After reading chapter 5 and reviewing the materials posted in Week 5 Lecture, answer the following questions:

1.What are the main sources and types of land and water pollution? What dangers do these types of pollution represent?

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2. What is exponential depletion of resources? What is peaked depletion of resources? What are the economic consequences of both models?

3. How do the concepts of “unlimited good” and “carrying capacity” relate to pollution control?

4. What is the difference between private costs and social costs (with examples of each)? Why is it a problem when they diverge? What remedies for this divergence are there?

5. How do social ecology and ecofeminism attempt to rethink standard approaches to
the environment? What are the values and limitations of these views?

6. What considerations are relevant for the ethics of conserving depletable resources? Do future generations have the same right to the earth’s resources as we do? Do other countries have the same claim to resources, such as energy, as we do?

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