follow the instruction 19 |

For items 1-2, write at least 100 words each. For item 4, your comment/reply to a classmate will be separate, write at least 50 words total to one or more classmates (remember to be thoughtful, positive, and constructive). Note: Do NOT copy and paste. It is considered plagiarism. Use your own words. Cite your sources.

1. You’ll have to do a little bit of research to learn about the latest efforts from ASSE in the risk assessment/risk management field. Briefly review ASSP President’s Messages for the last 4 years. You can find the President’s messages here: Scroll down and you’ll find the latest 43 President’s messages. Identify how many President’s messages address risk assessment/risk management issues and summarize your findings. Provide at least one paragraph summary.

2. Perform an Internet search and find the major organizations involved in the risk management field. Include safety risk management, financial risk management, global risk community and international organizations. Provide at least one paragraph summary.

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3. Describe risk management with your own words.

4. Peer review. Comment to at least one classmate’s post. With professional courtesy, provide additional analysis, constructive criticism, and additional facts and solutions. I want to see a paragraph of 50 words or more. (Note the word counter in the lower right corner of your posting window).

NOTE: Cite your sources you use for your discussion board posts either at the end of each item or at the end of your post. This is a good habit to develop. Your boss will thank you someday for including the validating sources with your information. You want your reader to be able to find the sources and read more about it. For these Discussion Boards, practice citing your sources in APA format. If it is an online source, you can add the URL and the date retrieved. My example is for the APA guide page you can use to build citations: Paiz, J.M., Angeli, E., Wagner, J., Lawrick, E., Moore, K.,Anderson, M., …Keck, R. (2015, March 27).

Reference list: Electronic sources (web publications). PurdueOWL. Retrieved from:…

This is my own best guess for how to cite this particular web page, but the example as well as the page itself, should help you to sort out how to set up your citations. Note that the APA format for references is a hanging indent (the first line is at the left margin, while the remaining lines are indented. Sort of a reverse paragraph indention where only the first line is indented. Blackboard is not very friendly for hanging indentions. You will probably have to add a hard return(enter) at the end of what you want to be the first line, then use the indent icon to move the next line over. You’ll have to repeat the hard return and Indent for each additional line. Annoying, but it works.


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