follow the requirements and answer the three question please.

Personal management style

There are many different kinds of writing and obviously different goals for writing. The normal and conventional goal in academic settings is writing to demonstrate learning. There is typically a ‘right’ answer. But there is another important kind of writing and that is writing for learning. I consider the think piece the second kind of writing. The aim of the think piece is for you to write reflectively on a topic. Writing reflectively does not mean that the writing is less carefully written. The think piece should be clearly written, coherently organized and argued, show critical thinking, and be carefully edited. But there is no ‘right’ answer. Please limit your response to 500 words – in other words, 2 pages 1.15 spacing, font size 12. Given the premium on the number of words allowed, choose your words wisely! Believe me it is much harder to write a short, well crafted think piece than it is to write a longer and more classic research paper.

The topic for this think piece is to reflect on your own management and leadership style. Many of you have taken one or more personality tests, personal profiles, learning style profiles, etc. Some of the more common are the Myers-Briggs inventory and the DISC profile. Most of the old and new profiles are available online but always for a pretty hefty price. Each of you completed the communication styles self-assessment. Use this and any other profiles/assessments you have taken over the years and your own insights and experience to write about your management and leadership strengths and weaknesses.

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In writing this think piece, respond to the following:

  • What types of organization do you think are the best fit for your style? Why?
  • What role do you usually play in groups? How might this affect your management and leadership style? Think about your position not just as a manager and/or leader but as one who is managed – a ‘managee’ – and a follower.
  • Describe and assess a specific program management issue that you have experienced that required you to use one or more management skills. Be specific. Was the outcome one you were satisfied with? Why or why not?

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