follow these requirements to write this case analysis

There are many ways to conduct a case analysis. Please refer to and follow the guidelines contained in this document when analyzing a case study.

  • Make sure you carefully read the assignment questions
  • Read the entire case, jotting down your notes.
  • As you write your case analysis, please include appropriate references to the assigned reading within the text.
    • Even if there are questions associated to the case, it is a good idea to make sure to have the sections presented below (Summary, Analysis and Recommendations and References). You can name your paragraphs and section in a different way from what is proposed, but make sure you follow a similar logic.


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A short summary of the facts presented; a couple of sentences might be enough to provide a synthesis of the facts. Here you might want to state the problems faced by the company.

Problem(s): Identify problem(s)/issue(s) – Something important happened and there is no explanation for it – e.g. an accounts manager notices that a few of their good customers have large accounts payable balances.


This is the most important section of your case analysis. This section is usually the longest and should contain most of the details supporting your recommendations. This is the most appropriate section to include data and provide evidences that will support any suggestion.

A good case analysis relies heavily on quantitative evidences. An old management adage states: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. So try to avoid sentences like “I feel that…”, “I think…”. Start practicing the important skill of Evidence Based Decision Making.

1-Strategic Analysis

Analytical Tools: Even if the assignment questions do not ask explicitly to apply analytical tools such as SWOT analysis and PEST analysis, it is always a good idea to consider the following models and framework:

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