food essay

Answer the following (using reply and submit/post). Your response should be about 2/3 of a
page in length- single spaced- not counting the text in the questions (try doing it on your personal computer then copy and paste your
response into a reply to my instructions):

1. Name three foods from each of the following areas that you think help define each
region or are very characteristic (at least try…).
New England
Great Plains
California and the Northwest

2. Which region do you think has the most distinctive foods and food culture? Why?

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Which region was the most difficult for you to answer in question 1 and why?

Which region was the easiest for you to answer in question 1 and why?

3. What is the role of festivals, fairs and social events (like community events or large family gatherings) in your life? What do they mean to you and how do you participate?
Give at least 1 example.

4. How can a compiled cookbook be an autobiography? Have you ever seen one or know someone who has one? Why do you think people create and/or collect these cookbooks?



due date: after 12 hours

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