for each question for one page included a intro a body and conclusion paragraph |

Question 1

Discuss the relationship between the federal government and the states as referenced in your lecture materials. Specifically, what do you believe the U.S. Constitution says about the powers given to the federal government vs. those reserved for the states? This relationship is known as “federalism” and it had been at the heart of many controversies and court case. This relationship has always been very contentious and visible on issues such as immigration (especially at the southern border), same-sex marriage, and the legality of “Obamacare”, and what the Founding Fathers meant when they wrote the 2nd amendment to name just a few examples.

Where do you believe the line should be drawn? Has the federal government taken too much power, or power never intended for it by the founders? Or has the federal government done what is necessary despite the protests of conservative states like Texas? Again, use your lecture material as well as at least one additional outside source to support your claims and make sure to cite as instructed previously.

Question 2

I want you to analyze the results of the recent presidential election and determine if you believe “the system” worked or failed. By “the system”, I mean the democratic voting system that comprises both the popular vote and the electoral college. Should the popular vote have been enough to win Clinton the White House given that she received almost 3 million more votes than Trump? Or did the electoral college work as intended, given that a look at the popular vote clearly shows that the cast majority of Clinton’s votes came from the extreme west and east coasts while largely ignoring the entire middle of the nation where Trump campaigned extremely hard because he believed he could convince the less populous areas/states of the nation to back him and therefore win the electoral votes needed to take the presidency? Essentially, should a few major urban areas like L.A., New York, etc. largely determine the outcome of a presidency since they technically have a majority of the votes, or is it essential that the presidency reflect the will of the national landscape as a whole, even if the popular votes aren’t necessarily there to win the election on their own and therefore have to rely upon the electoral college for the win. I am including a link to a brief story with an electoral map by county that may help you in determining how you feel about this issue and therefore which direction you want to take your response in. There are no right or wrong answers here for the most part, as both Clinton and Trump supporters are able to claim a key victory in one respect or another, so the question is, which matters most and why do you think it?


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