For Kim Woods Only: Discussion Questions for Microbiology AND Anatomy and Physiology

5 Discussion Questions due wednesday morning!!!





1) What is microbiology, and what is one specific positive or negative effect it has had on human health? Be sure to include details about how it has improved or worsened particular aspects of life.


2) In England in the 1700’s, Edward Jenner injected a child with a smallpox vaccine that had not yet been tested. After some time had passed, he injected the same child with a living smallpox virus. How do you think Jenner’s experimental method differs from the way new vaccines are currently tested? What are the ethical implications of Jenner’s method?



Anatomy and Physiology


1) Mrs. Jackson, a 59-year-old woman, has undergone a left radical mastectomy (removal of the left breast and left axillary lymph nodes and vessels). Her left arm is severely swollen and painful, and she is unable to raise it to more than shoulder height. (a) Explain her signs and symptoms. (b) Can she expect to have relief from these symptoms in time? How so?


2) Jenny, a 6-year-old child who has been raised in a germ-free environment from birth, is a victim of one of the most severe examples of an abnormal immune system. Jenny also suffers from cancer caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. Relative to the case: (a) What is the usual fate of children with Jenny’s condition and similar circumstances if no treatment is attempted? (b) Why is Jenny’s brother chosen as the bone marrow donor? (c) Why is her physician planning to use umbilical cord blood as a source of stem cells for a bone marrow transplant if transplant of her brother’s marrow fails (what are the hoped-for results)? (d) Attempt to explain Jenny’s cancer. (e) what similarities and dissimilarities exist between Jenny’s illness and AIDS?


3) While we were discussing the cardiac system and possible problems related to it, one of my neighbors was diagnosed with Marfan’s syndrome. He was on vacation and his femoral artery developed an anersyn and it ruptured. He lost a tremendous amount of blood and has been in intensive care for several week’s. Are you all familiar with this vascular condtion and ifs presentation?





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