For my Communications class (Intercultural communication), I need help on a paper regarding a social movement of any kind. The description is below…

Social Movements and Intercultural Conflict: You will identify a social movement that emerged due to intercultural conflict. Explain which groups are at conflict and describe the intercultural relationship between the cultural groups. You will be expected to contextualize the relationship between the two groups, historically explain the cultural group that created the movement, and discuss the social, political, and/or cultural issues that led to the emergence of the movement. For example, how does power and context play a role in the emergence of the social movement and the intercultural conflict? Furthermore, you will describe the goals of this social movement and why this movement is relevant to the study of intercultural communication? This is a research assignment and thus you should aim for 4 academic sources to supplement our course readings. Said plainly, you need 4 academic sources.


  • a References page with APA citations
  • an Introduction section that provides a description of your topic, the questions you will answer in the paper, the focus of the paper, and a preview of the rest of the paper
  • a body that includes a discussion of the questions that have been detailed under each option, a discussion of the articles related to your topic, and how those articles contribute to your understanding of the topic. You will need to quote from the scholarly articles.
  • a conclusion that summarizes your research, what you learned about culture, and why you think this topic is important to the study of intercultural communication
  • five course concepts, at minimum, must be used throughout your paper. You must also define and ensure that it is clear how you are applying these terms.

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