Hello Nyanya, I am currently taking a HLTH 230 Health Care Law and Ethics class. I need a paper for a Current Event Assignment worth (35 points):For this assignment, you are to locate an article about a current legal or ethical issue ( is a good site to find this, but you may use any other .org, .edu, or .gov websites – NO .com sites should ever be used in this class). Once you find your article:

·         Write a brief summary (1-2 pages) of the legal/ethical issue

·         Discuss any arguments for or against it

·         Explain the outcome or possible final resolution (if possible).

In total, this assignment should be no more than 2 double-spaced pages. Remember to use correct APA format to cite and reference your source. This assignment will be assessed based on the quality of the information you include in the summary, good composition, and use of APA.

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