For Prof Xavier ONLY.

DUE: 02.21.15 @ 11:59PM


FIRST: Please watch this video( on cash flow before starting the project.


This is a two part written project that will focus on the financial aspects of your start up business,  Colorado Children Transporation Services(CCTS). This project also includes the use of Excel spreadsheets containing financial data and required reports.


In part 1:


In three to four pages, using Microsoft Word, along with accompanying Excel spreadsheet data, address the following areas:


• Discuss and show the cost associated with starting your company, CCTS, and show a pricing model for your products or services (create a table in Excel).


• Create income statements and balance sheets for three years using Excel spreadsheets.

• Create a break-even analysis (create in Excel).


Use Microsoft Word to create a financial summary containing needed start-up funds and how you will obtain the start-up funds, pricing model, and summarize your financial spreadsheet data. Develop a detailed Excel spreadsheet for the financial data (use separate worksheets in Excel for more organization). 


In part 2:


In three to four pages using Microsoft Word address the flowing areas:


ï‚· Identify the components needed in cash flow statements.

ï‚· Explain the benefits of cash-flow analysis and any problems that could arise if it is not conducted.

ï‚· Last, use Excel to create cash flow statements for three years. – Please include this information in your Part 1 Excel file. 


When your ready, you may submit the paper and Excel file. Please, let me know of any questions/concerns/inquiries as soon as possible. 


Assignment Requirements:


>Cover page, “Discussion” – part 1 & part 2(nothing less than 6 COMPLETE pages total), and Reference page= 8+ pages(Nothing less than 8 pages for this project!). 

>Paper addresses all assignment requirements listed, indicates depth of knowledge about the topics and key areas, contains a clear and concise introduction with a thesis statement, comprehension body of paper, closing summary, and includes a minimum of three cited and referencd resources (APA 6th edition).

>Analysis and critical thinking indicates optimal reasoning with a defined purpose, based on assumptions, writer’s point of view, discusses the advantages and disadvantages, and uses data, information, and concepts/ideas to address the project topics or key areas in the paper.

>You must use the APA (6th edition) writing style using active voice, which is in third person and concisely written. The paper is free from incorrect punctuation, use of jargon/cliches, incorrect grammar and mechanics, and is correctly formatted based on APA 6th edition guidelines.

>Responses MUST demonstrate critical thinking and analysis and exhibit application of information.

>AGAIN, clear business writing: Spelling and grammar are acceptable. Effective use of APA. Follow the required format and instructions above!

>3 sources in APA citation(Nothing less then 3, and it’s not necessary for more)

>Font size: 12

>Double-spaced(No spaces between paragraphs)

>Lastly, but not least, NO PLAGIARISM


*Homework Field of Study: Management

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