Continuing Case Study – assignment 1 (this assignment has the reading attachments below titled under chapter 18 or chapter 19 reading)

This week, please read the continuing case at the end of Chapters 18 and 19 in your textbook.

After studying the Chapter 18 case, respond to the following:

  1. Assuming that the safety stock of NPH insulin must be three vials, what is the optimal order quantity? What is the optimal number of orders per year?

After studying the Chapter 19 case, respond to the following:

  1. Why does Dr. Jackson prefer the line of credit to a bank note?
  2. Why does the bank prefer to extend credit in the form of a note rather than as a line of credit?





Budget Proposal – assignment 2


Using the information that you have been preparing throughout the quarter, create a budget proposal to be presented to the hospital’s management. This proposal should include the following:

  • A history report from last year’s budget in your proposal; this can be done by creating a table, graph or pie chart.
  • Create an itemized table that contains each expenditure listed on your budget with the proposed amount listed next to the item.
  • Prepare a brief a justification for each item in your budget that explains the need for the item and the cost, if it is abnormally expensive..


 For the Course Project (budget proposal) assignment, all files are attached with a title Course Project and the week I turned them in as. The BUDGET PROPOSAL is the final part of the course project, where everything was accumulated.

Read the course project requirements I attatched first.






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