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  1. Discuss the source of the legitimacy problem associated with “earthly” regimes in Shia Islam prior to Khomeini’s book, Vilayat-e Faghih.   How does Khomeini’s revision of this allow for the establishment of a theocracy within this country? 
  2. Describe in detail how Iran combines theocracy with democracy in its governmental system.   Assess the relative balance between these two forces.
  3. What are some of the ways in which the oil industry has advanced or distorted development in Iran?
  4. List the steps in the electoral process used to elect the Iranian president.  What is considered to be the main obstacle to fair elections in Iran?
  5. What are the powers and limitations of Iran’s parliament?
  6. What are the most important political challenges that now face Iran?
    1. What is the PRI?  Describe how it has traditionally dominated the Mexican political system.  List the other main political parties and briefly discuss their general platforms and typical supporters.
    2. Describe the process of el dedazo.  Describe two reasons why this process is no longer utilized in Mexico.
    3. Mexico’s political system was traditionally characterized as a “hyper-presidential” system. What formed the basis for this characterization?  Is this characterization still true?  (Make sure to support your argument here.)
    4. Are state institutions like the military and the judiciary truly independent of the executive branch of government?  In what ways have these institutions promoted or hindered the growth of democracy in recent years?
    5. What are the power bases of the main political parties in Mexican politics?  What factors made it possible for the PAN to unseat the long-dominant PRI in 2000?  What accounts for the continuing viability of the PRI as a political force?
    6. What challenges does the process of globalization pose to Mexican’s strong sense of national identity?

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