GDPR Legislation Gives Marketers Food for Thought

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GDPR legislation gives marketers food for thought

Have a look at the illustration above.

GDPR legislation, which is soon to come into force in the UK and in the EU in May 2018, is giving marketers, particularly digital marketers, much food for thought.

You can read some more about this legislation via the links which are suggested as additional reading in this unit – the first is to an article in Smart Insights, which is penned by Dave Chaffey, who is the author of the suggested text for this module; the second is to an opinion piece posted in Digital Marketing Magazine.

As Chaffey (2015) notes, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) comes into force in all 28 countries in Europe on 25th May 2018. It is a new regulation agreed by the European Union which seeks to improve transparency and the effectiveness of data protection activities.

Now look at the following website:

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According to The Visor Shop’s About Us section, this Northern Ireland-based company was the first ever online visor retailer in the world back in the early days of the internet, and they are proud to have built their reputation providing excellent value for money on exclusive products and brands.

The company describes itself as an integral part of the local motorcycle community, boasting a large on-site warehouse and premises. They make daily worldwide shipments, but they also offer local enthusiasts the opportunity to come into the shop to discuss their requirements.

Imagine you are a business consultant who has been brought in by your nervous clients to advise them of the likely impact of impending GDPR legislation.

In a report in three sections:

  1. In broad terms, outline the key features of GDPR legislation as you believe it applies to a UK-based online business such as this;
  2. Evaluate the likely impact of GDPR legislation on the international marketing activities of this business (you are entitled to make assumptions about the ways in which you think that The Visor Shop would promote its accessories to its global customer base);
  3. With reference to the GDPR Compliance model outlined by Salesforce, recommend an outline compliance programme that this small business could undertake and assess the likely resource implications that would be involved in setting this up.

You should aim to present a response of no more than 750 words

Here is an email from my professor about my last assignment..

There are plenty of guides out there which can help you to reference according to the Harvard style – I’ve attached one of the most useful that I have come across.

We encourage you to cite a wide range of good quality source material (remember, no Wikipedia, please!) but just bear in mind that all sources need to be fully referenced both in-text and in your accompanying reference list.

For example, here’s an example of an online source, referenced in-text (Deloitte, 2014) and in the accompanying reference list:

Deloitte (2014) Deloitte deeper dives: Tech Trends 2014. Available at: 29 December 2014)

At this stage of the module, you should be getting up to speed with Harvard referencing requirements – if I have suggested that you need to pay attention to this aspect of your work, please take the feedback on board for your next discussion question response.

Harvard referencing is a requirement of this programme. Please don’t lose marks through poor or inadequate referencing.

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