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Your boss, the IT director, wants you to explain FDDs, BPM, DFDs, and UML to a group of company

managers and users who will serve on a systems development team for the new marketing system.


1. Explain how an FDD can be used in requirements modeling.
2. Describe BPM and how it can be used.
3. Explain how DFDs can be used in requirements modeling.

4. Describe the UML and how it can be used during systems development.

Zevo Chemical Company

Zevo is currently reaching the end of the requirements modeling phase of a new inventory control system for their global company. As a systems analyst, you are asked to support this ongoing project.


  1. How would you explain scalability? How would you ensure that scalability has been considered in Zevo’s requirements model?
  2. How would you define total cost of ownership (TCO)? What costs should be included in a TCO estimate?
  3. Explain why documentation is essential for Zevo’s new system, and how documentation can be used during systems development.
  4. What software tools could you use to develop, publish, and distribute Zevo’s systems documentation?

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