George Washington University Destin Brass Products Co Case Study Paper

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1. Use the Overhead Cost Activity Analysis in Exhibit 5 and other data on manufacturing costs to estimate product costs for valves, pumps, and flow controllers.

2. Compare the estimated costs you calculate to existing standard unit costs (Exhibit 3) and the revised unit costs (Exhibit 4). What causes the different product costing methods to produce such different results?

3. What are the strategic implications of your analysis? What actions would you recommend to the managers at Destin Brass Products Co?

4. Assume that interest in a new basis for cost accounting at Destin Brass Products remains high. In the following month, quantities produced and sold, activities, and costs were all at standard. How much higher or lower would the net income reported under the activity-transaction-based system be than the net income that will be reported under the present, more traditional system? Why?

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