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Executive Compensation [LO4] Critics have charged that compensation to top managers in the United States is simply too high and should be cut back. For example, focusing on large corporations, Mark Parker, CEO of Nike, earned about $47.6 million in 2016. Are such amounts excessive? In answering, it might be help-full to recognize that superstar athletes such as LeBron James, top entertainers such as Taylor Swift and Dwayne Johnson, and many others at the top of their respective fields earn at least as much, if not a great deal more.

1.Comment regarding your viewpoint on the question above: “Are such amounts excessive?”

2.Would your answer differ if the compensation were 100% incentive pay? Keep in mind that CEOs like Larry Ellison of Oracle and others work or have worked for a $1 annual salary (see the interactive chart in the “Executive Compensation – Reading”. Question is related to links below

3.Explain why you agree or disagree strongly with one point made in one of the articles in the “Executive Compensation –Links below. Or, make the same comment on a point from an interesting source that you find yourself.

Below are the related links for the questions above

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Are cozy relationships and peer benchmarking the reasons for high executive pay?:

A study examining two important determinants of CEO pay, managerial power and competitive market forces:

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