Given U. International strategy for cyberspace- policy priorities:

Given U.S.: International strategy for cyberspace- policy priorities:

sustain a free trade environment 

protect intellectual property

primacy of interoperable and secure tech standards, determined by technical experts 

promote cooperation

reduce intrusions/disruptions of us networks 

robust capabilities for infrastructure 

cybercrime policy development 

budapest convention on cybercrime

combating illegal activities/not restricting access to the internet

denying terrorists/others the ability to exploit the internet for attack planning 

adapt military needs for reliable and secure networks

enhance military alliances in cyberspace

pristine opens and innovation

preserve global security/stability including dns 

promote and enhance internet governance issues

build cybersecurity talent globally 

develop and share best practices

support civil society/freedom of information/expression 

encourage international cooperation for effective commercial data 

privacy protection 

end-to-end interoperability of an internet accessible to all 

Are the policy priorities outlined by the United States where the government’s focus should be with regard to shaping the cybersecurity environment? Explain.

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