Glendale Community Income Inequality Needs A Conservative Solution Article Discussion

Assignment # 1

Question 1

Part 1:

I’d like you to look at specific ‘opinion’ periodicals listed below. Multiple copies

of past issues are available on the top floor in the library (only the most recent issue is on

the first floor.) Or, you may use an online version of these periodicals.

Please choose two periodicals listed below from perspectives that do


correspond to

your current political position as identified in class. In other words, if you were identified

as a liberal, you would choose one from the radical point of view and one from the

conservative point of view.

For each of the two periodicals, choose one article

on an economic issue



2019 through October 2019




National Review

Public Citizen

Dollars and Sense


New Republic

The Nation


The Economist The Progressive

Photocopy the articles and attach them to your answers.

For each article

, answer the

following questions.


Underline three sections in the article that show its perspective.

Explain carefully why


of these sections makes the article conservative, liberal,

or radical.


Choose one of these sections and rewrite it from a different point of view.

Make certain that you change the logic in your rewrite. Don’t simply change “is” to

“isn’t.” Explain carefully which point of view you have chosen and why this rewrite

represents this different point of view.

Question 2

(note question 2 is separate and


related to the article chosen above)

For one important and interesting idea that you have learned so far in the course based on

The First Chapter

or chapter 6 in Openstax write a one page essay beginning with the

following statements:

Although before this class I believed …….., in fact……..

Or,Although it is tempting to believe……., in fact…..

Or, Although it might seem that …………… is true, in fact……

Then explain why you or others could believe the idea that is fact incorrect. In other

words, what is logical or compelling about this incorrect idea.

Then explain carefully why the original idea is incorrect.

Then explain why it is important that we understand the idea correctly.

Finally, use at least one concrete example to illustrate why misunderstanding the concept

leads to a problem that is resolved if we understand the concept correctly.

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