Group Case Study

This is my part of a group case study!

Each team will be responsible for reviewing the following:

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  1. Wegmans Food Markets Operations Tour on p. 33 of the Stevenson text.
  2. Wegmans Food Markets Operations Tour, Shipping System, on p. 673 of the Stevenson text.
  3. The Wegmans website (

You will need to write about how food recalls can be resolved pertaining to Wegmans. Here is the outline of the part I need to write.

D.How can Food Recalls be resolved – Must be 2 pages.

a.Maintaining a strict production schedule and having a well-rounded leadership looking over the area of operations management

b.Inventory Description

i. Sometimes having a high inventory may not be good for the store and may cause turnover on food

******Support your information with outside scholarly sources******

General Guidelines:

  1. Use current APA edition for all formatting.
  2. Use at least 2 levels of indentation.
  3. Do not include graphics in the text; add them as appendices.
  4. Avoid the use of direct quotations; rather, focus on paraphrasing to demonstrate critical thinking.
  5. Font size of 12 or smaller.
  6. Margins of 1 inch or smaller.

I have attached the Wegman’s Food Operation Tours from the textbook.

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