Group Project

Here is the topic of the group project: “Our group project is going to be on the company Under Armour. The product we are trying to bring to market, high quality construction boots made with leather, steel toe, and hard rubber soles

The Document call “group project marketing” will have the description and the step for the group project, I only need to finish Analyze the companies using following criteria: Competitor Analysis: how many companies offer similar products/services, prices etc. Give examples of competitors and what they offer. Customer Analysis: identify who are their consumers or a target market using age, gender, characteristics, income, demographic, and psychographic. So don’t need to care about other part, that is other group member’s job.

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This essay need to be APA format, and there is a APA format sample pdf, please follow the format as the pdf. The minimum page is 4. Feel free to ask me question if you have any confused.

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