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Answer the questions below. At least 150 words.

1.Read an article in a national newspaper (e.g., New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Wall Street Journal) about a specific news event. The event should in some way relate to one of the seven global challenges described in this course:

  1. population
  2. resource management
  3. technology
  4. information
  5. economic integration
  6. conflict
  7. governance

Then find a report about the same event in another news source. Answer the questions below

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What are the links to the two news sources you reviewed?

What is the subject of these articles and how are they related to one or more of the global challenges?

How are these two sources similar in the way they reported on this topic?

How are these two sources different in the way they reported on this topic?

2a What do you believe is the greatest problem that will be created by the population revolution in the next 20 years?

2b. What are some of the causes of the problem you identified?

2c Given these causes, what are some possible solutions to the identified problem?

3.Population issues will play a very direct role in resource management in the coming decades. Please respond to the two following questions about the interaction of these two trends:

How do you think resource management will be complicated by future population trends?

Conversely, how do you think that scarce resources will influence population trends in the future?


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