Gulf Regional Legal Environment of Business

Do a research about two commercial companies (one in Oman and one in a developing country) of the same category and compare them as regards to the way on how they are formed or established and managed.

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Must reflect the names of the two companies


Substantial information about the two commercial companies

Indicate clearly company’s category and location

Reflect on the coursework’s objectives(s).

Contents, Discussions and/or Analysis:

Explanation on how each company is formed (established) and managed

Disclosure of some clear evidence whether the companies have complied completely the mandate of Commercials Laws in Oman and/or in the place where it is located.

Identification and discussion on the similarities and differences of the company’s ways in solving some disputes, problems and challenges.

Similarities and differences must be in a table format with proper heading.


Key points are sorted out clearly from the gathered data without repetition of words from introduction and discussion sections.

Important Notes:

Photos will be attached, it will make everything clear.

In-text Citation and References will be in Harvard Style.

The report must be 3000 Words without the reference.

A minimum of 5 references is required.

Any literature that is used to support the discussion must be up-to-date or its publication data must be from 2007 onwards.

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