GWU Disruption in the U.S. Mobile Payment Market Summary

maximum page length 1 page plus 1-2 appendices, if needed, for illustration (please do not cut as paste material directly from the case); Times New Roman, 12 point font size, single spaced, one inch margin all around). Please adhere to these formatting instructions. Identify the central issue in the case most relevant to the theory/framework scheduled for the class corresponding to the case and provide a comprehensive analysis based only on case facts.

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Format for case analysis

  1. Your case write-up should begin with a very short executive summary that highlights your stand on the case. This summary should be no longer than two sentences. The remainder of the case write-up should present in greater detail the analyses which support your conclusions.
  2. The case is designed to get you to think about issues. In analyzing and writing up the case, adopt the perspective of a consultant who has been hired by the company to succinctly advise it on the critical issues at hand. Stitch together the arguments in a smooth way in your write-up.
  3. Be sure to use the data in the case when appropriate. Write-ups which ignore relevant data are incomplete. However, note that just because some data is presented in the case, it does not necessarily mean that the data is crucial or relevant to the solution you propose. Good strategists know what data to use, and how that data must be used.

Then, i am going to provide an example of the case study in the below, and the case.

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