Hampden Sydney College In Service Training Development Paper

The assignment shall be submitted in APA format and be a minimum of five

pages (cover, three pages of text, references).

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You are a member of the agency head’s command staff. In your role, you help to

develop in-service training for your agency’s sworn officers. As an active member of the

training team, you frequently participate and directly lead in these training sessions.

Your agency head asked you to develop two new in-service training programs for the

agency for the next year. These can be 1) a mandatory training for ALL sworn

personnel without regard to rank or 2) an opportunity for additional / new training for

sworn personnel seeking to specialize in a role within your agency, change assignment,

or advance in rank. Considering any concerns you have or deficiencies you perceive in

the training and management of a public safety organization, what classes / topics

will you include, how many hours would the training be, and would the training be

mandatory or voluntary? Explain your rationale for all of these decisions.

Your answer should be between five and six pages in APA format (cover, four pages of

your text, references). You need to identify and structure at least TWO in-service

programs with specific topic descriptions, the reasons for the training to be offered, how

many hours / days are involved, the specific range of sub-topics to be covered, and

related details.

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