Handout (political US and Denmark)

Use the submitted paper to help u get the information for doing this handout.

Example is given

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  • Upload a copy of your handout to the discussion board by 9:30 AM on September 30.
    • Handouts will be uploaded to a discussion board so that team members can easily access, open, and download the handouts. Using a discussion board for this assignment eliminates the need for you to upload/share your handout to multiple places in multiple ways.
  • The handout must be polished, typo-free, and use logical and consistent formatting.
  • The handout must be well organized.
    • Use clear and appropriate headings
    • Use a logical sequence of information that makes sense with and without your presentation and guidance
    • Use formatting that makes the handout easy to read
    • Team members must be able to understand and use the content of your handout without needing to ask you for clarification
    • Aim for the handout to be highly informative, but not crowded or difficult to read
  • The handout must be 1-2 pages, front and back (“1-2 pages, front and back” means a single sheet of paper, but you may use the front and back of the sheet of paper – if your handout is more than 2 pages, or more than 1 piece of paper, then you are not meeting this requirement)
  • The handout must include at least one chart, graph, or figure that helps to illustrate a complex idea or issue, or that helps readers visually situate information that may otherwise be difficult to understand. See the UNC Handout “Figures and Charts” (Links to an external site.) to help you complete this requirement.
  • The handout must offer information beyond what your team members already read in the Globalization book (the little book).
  • Your references must be cited in a “Works Cited” section.
  • You must submit your handout to this assignment as a .doc, .docx, or PDF file.

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