Harrisburg University of Science The Man and His Dream Film Discussion

You should have watched Tucker: The Man and His Dream by now; if not, now would be a good time. Tucker was attempting to enter the automobile industry and compete with the Big 3 automakers. A daunting task if you have unlimited assets available at the start of the endeavor; a seemingly impossible task if you are starting from scratch.

For this assignment you will need to:

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1. Describe all aspects of the product Tucker was creating. The text lists three components of products: core customer value, the actual product, and associated services / augmented product. Relate these three components to Tucker’s product.

2. In terms of branding, what did Tucker employ to

a. build his product’s image

b. create brand awareness

3. How would YOU attempt to increase the perceived value of the Tucker brand?

4. What did Tucker or how did Tucker attempt to establish brand associations? What brand associations did Tucker try to create?

5. Obviously, new entrants into the automotive industry do still occur. Lexus entered the market and competed against well-established luxury car manufacturers. For those who do not know, Lexus is Toyota. So, why did a very highly thought of brand like Toyota create the new company Lexus?

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