Harvard Type Of Information Needed To Understand The Nature Of The Job, Organization, And Industry

You will conduct a Needs Assessment with your client at Stedman’s Café to determine which leadership skill you plan to develop. To do this, your team needs to submit in Canvas your strategy for understanding the leadership skill needs of your client at Stedman’s. Your Needs Assessment should have the following elements:

1) Type of information you need to understand the nature of the job, organization, and industry,

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2) Ways to gather at least 3 secondary sources Sources:(1 attached), https://www.unomaha.edu/college-of-business-administration/center-for-innovation-entrepreneurship-franchising/stedmans/about.php

3) Ways to gather at least 2 primary sources about #2 (e.g., interview questions, job shadowing). sources: 1(attached interview)

4) discuss your role in obtaining this 1 paragraph 4-5 lines. (discuss the first step like if you were in a team)

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