Harvard University Implementation History Assessment

The assignment (A0202)

  • Apply the Organization Implementation History Assessment and scoring key (located in the Course Material) to assess the organization you selected as your “context” organization. Complete the assessment yourself (if you work for and know the organization) or ask one or two contacts in the “context” organization to answer the questions.
  • Plot the responses on the scoring key to determine the level of risk that can be expected with regard to individual items. Examine the full plot diagram to gauge the overall risk of this strategic planning initiative. Note: For your convenience, the scoring key is also attached (in addition to being in the Course Material).
  • Write a brief (approximately 150-200 word) explanation of the results, and indicate what you might do to minimize risk and optimize chances for success. Note: if your organization has overall Low Risk, state how you would leverage its strengths to help ensure success in this initiative.
  • Upload your Implementation History Assessment Scoring Key and your narrative paper

Impl History Assmt-Key-1.doc

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