Harvard University Marketing Strategies at LSI Logic Company Case

Word Limit 2400 to 3000 words (max 5 pages), MLA format.
Have to write up an individual case by reading the assigned material (3 pages) and answering the questions at the end of the assigned reading. This paper will be be scanned for every form of plagiarism through turnitin and 4 other plagiarism checkers.

The following questions have to answered:
1- What were the different ways LSI Logic used international capital markets? Discuss specifically the nature of the instruments (i.e. local, foreign, Euro etc)
2- Why did it use those markets rather than just the U.S market?
3-How did its organizational strategy fit with its capital-acquisition strategy?

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Kindly include a background of the company (if possible). This for an International Financial management class.

I will add more details in a few days (if needed). If you need more reading material then kindly let me know. This is due on 2nd Nov 2019.

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