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Week 1 Assignment:

After studying the chapters 1, 2 and 3, do the following activities:

1. Have students investigate various journals for an article of interest to them. The article should be no more than two years old and have sufficient content for a two-page report. The object of the critique is to describe how the study followed or failed to follow, the criteria for good research, as described in Chapter 1. Students should speculate on which of the writer’s conclusions were warranted, and which were not. (See handout on the attached document).

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How to find an article (research paper):

Go to http://www.lirn.net/databases/

Enter User name: 24439 and Password: fnulibrary39then go to Business subject/click on ABI/INFORM Global

When you are in: Check Full text and Peer-Reviewed boxes then write any business subject in the search box, for example, “organizational conflict” and select any research paper by clicking on the PDF attached file. When you have the full article then follow the exercise 1 instructions.

2. Answer question 6 page 22.

3. If researchers are responsible for the ethical conduct of their research, are they solely responsible for the burden of protecting participants from every conceivable harm?

4. Answer question 10 page 76.

Assignment expected outcomes:

Submit the answers an only one-word document in APA style.

Do not include the questions in your submission, only include your answers to avoid having a high percentage of similarity with external sources. Please, check carefully the originality of your submission. This assignment must be 100% original; otherwise, your work will be considered invalid.


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