HDS & CCHP Disussions

Note: I need 250-300 words answer and 2-3 credible references for EACH discussion below. Must address the discussion question properly. Must provide 100% original answers.

CCHP DISCUSSION: (250-300 words 2-3 credible references in APA)

Describe your professional role (current or future) in overcoming societal, systematic, or structural influences (force) that create barriers to healthy behaviors. Please specify your profession, type of job, and give examples.

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HDS DISCUSSION: (250-300 words 2-3 credible references in APA)

Reviewing healthcare delivery system, what was the intended purpose of the “gatekeeper” system? Based on what you’ve read, do you believe it has achieved its purpose? Why or why not? If not, what could be changed that would result in it meeting its intended goal?

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