HEA Benchmarking

HEA Benchmarking

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HEA Benchmarking


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Let’s take a look at the use of benchmarking in the real world. Use proquest or a reliable US source to find a newspaper or journal article that discusses the use of benchmarking for a health care organization. The use of benchmarking can relate to any area of health care €“ quality, finance, volume of services, etc.
For your original page:
€¢ Explain the type of benchmarking that is discussed in your article.
€¢ Why did the organization choose this form/type of benchmarking?
€¢ Has the organization benefitted from using this form/type of benchmarking? If so, how? If not, why not?
€¢ Do you think that this use of benchmarking is appropriate? If so, why? Ifnot, why not?
€¢ Are there aIDitional forms/types of benchmarking that you think the organization would benefit from using?
Be sure to provide the proper citation for your article.

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