Health and Wellness Units 1

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

  • Identify the goals and types of needs assessments.
  • Explain how needs assessments are conducted using one or more needs assessment models.
  • Identify the key components of advance planning and organizing for a community needs assessment.
  • Complete an assessment of health priorities among the target population based upon epidemiological data.
  • Discuss various methods of data collection for epidemiologic data.
  • Identify and describe the importance of secondary data.

Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

HW425-2: Identify key constituents involved in designing health and wellness programs. HW425-3:Discuss administrative tasks, functions, and responsibilities in designing and administering health and wellness programs.


This is a two-part Assignment. Both parts of the Assignment are due at the end of Unit 2. Submit both parts of the Assignment in one document to the Unit 2 Dropbox.

Part 1 of the Assignment should be approximately 2â4 pages in length, written in essay format and include appropriate supporting citations and references in APA format. Create one reference page for both parts 1 and 2.

Part 1: Review a local needs assessment.

Locate, read, and critique a health needs assessment that has been performed for your community or county.

Within the Assignment, address the following points:

  • Identify the community being assessed.
  • Identify the agency that took the lead role in performing the assessment (i.e. was it a hospital, health department, insurer, etc.) and discuss their interest or stake in the community. Also describe the any partners identified within the assessment as stakeholders or members of coalition (advisory committee).
  • Describe the process or model used to conduct the assessment. If the model is not specified, use your knowledge of models of needs assessments to make a determination. Support your conclusion.
  • Describe the main conclusions and/or health priorities identified by the assessment.
  • Briefly address the extent to which the needs assessment reflects the nine-step World Health Organization (WHO) framework presented in the text.
  • Conclude part one of the assignment by critiquing the assessment and its conclusion. Use data to support your critique.

Part 2: Perform a Mini-Needs Assessment for your community.

Part 2 of the Assignment should be approximately 2â4 pages in length, written in essay format and include appropriate supporting citations and references in APA format. Create one reference page for both parts 1 and 2.

Address the following points:

  • Identify the community or county.
  • Describe the demographic and socioeconomic profile of your community or county based on US census data.
  • Identify one or more sub-groups within the population as the target population for your health program.
  • For the sub-group(s) chosen, use epidemiological data to identify one or two health issues that should be considered priorities for intervention. Provide relevant statistics, such as morbidity and mortality rates, to support your choice(s).
  • Describe at least three sources of data that provide information about the overall quality of life within your community.
  • Discuss quality of life in your community based on the data sources you identified. Frame your response based upon the concepts of âbeing, belonging, and becomingâ described in the text.
  • Explain the concept of âcommunity capacityâ and its relationship to the needs assessment.
  • Describe the steps you would take to evaluate community capacity in your area.
  • Conclude with a summary of the target population that addresses sociodemographic information and the health priority area(s) that will be the focus of the community-based health promotion program you complete in the Final Project.

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