Health Policy Paper

Each student will select a policy in healthcare that was implemented as a result of regulatory or legislative requirement(s). The student will write a five to eight page paper (excluding title page and references) describing and analyzing the policy using the following criteria:

I. Content
110 points Factors/Rational that led to development of policy (contextual dimension) 30 points Benefits to healthcare 20 points Cost(s) related to the policy (fiscal, time factors, manpower) 20 points Impact on client (stakeholder) satisfaction 20 points Impact on clinical outcomes 20 points
II. Presentation of paper
25 points APA Format 10 points Grammar, spelling, and writing guidelines followed 10 points Policy attached as Appendix 5 points
135 points

Please review syllabus that is attached to this message for further details about the health policy paper (page 4).

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