Homework Set 3

Homework Set 3Complete the following homework problems from your textbook Conceptual Integrated Science: •         Page 242, #4 and #10•         Page 268, #25•         Page 294, #50•         Page 332, #48•         Page 335, #1 and #8•         Page 369, #10 and #11•         Page 403, #3 Submit your answers in a Word document to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.Page 242, #4If an atom has 43 electrons, 56 neutrons, and 43 protons, what is its approximate atomic mass? What is the name of this element?  (a) 137 amu; barium  (b)  99 amu; technetium  (c)  99 amu; radon  (d)  142 amu; einsteiniumPage 242, #10How many electrons are in the third shell of sodium, Na (atomic number 11)? (a)0, (b)1, (c)2, (d)3Page 268, #25What kind of nuclear power is responsible for sunshine?Page 294, #50Which has stronger attractions among its submicroscopic particles, a solid at 25°C, or a gas at 25°C? Explain.Page 332, #48How many more electrons can fit in the valence shell of a hydrogen atom?Page 335, #1An atom loses an electron to another atom. This is an example of a, (a)chemical change involving the formation of ions., (b)physical change involving the formation of ions., (c)chemical change involving the formation of covalent bonds., (d)physical change involving the formation of covalent bonds.Page 335, #8What is the difference between a compound and a mixture? (a) Both consist of atoms of different elements. (b) The difference is in the way their atoms are bonded together. (c) The components of a mixture are not chemically bonded together. (d) One is a solid and the other is a liquid.Page 369, #10How is an acid different than a base?Page 369, #11When an acid is dissolved in water, what ion does the water form?Page 403, #3What physical property of hydrocarbons is used in fractional distillation?

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