HRD Training Design


In a 2-3 page, double spaced word document, address the following regarding the design of your training session.

  1. Your list of objectives. (Based on task analysis data)
  2. How long will the training require? (1-2 weeks, I believe)
  3. What type(s) of training materials and media are you planning on using? And why?
  4. Lesson Plan. This is your step-by-step training agenda on how you will implement the program. This includes an outline of exactly how you will present the materials, what information, what skills the employees will sharpen, what they will practice, and the steps you will take to ensure the learners gain knowledge, skills, and abilities in this area.

Refer to uploaded document for my needs assessment. The program i’m leaning towards is OJT/JIT. I am also uploading exerpts of my text book, my needs assessment, and project expectations paper for you to use as needed. No reference page or citations required! 

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