HRER860 Pennsylvania State University Moral Values Discussion

Consider the following situation:

One week ago you joined XYZ Corporation. On the very first morning at work you signed a pledge to uphold the company’s code of ethics. Item 4 of that code reads:

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Theft of company property and/or services will in every case result in discipline and possible criminal prosecution. All employees are required to immediately report knowledge of violations. Failure to report such violations shall also result in discipline.

In discussing the policy with your manager, it was clear that even using company phone systems for personal reasons was unacceptable and should be reported.

Later that same week you are with a co-worker, Fred, getting ready to leave the office at the end of the day. As you begin to walk out the door, Fred says, “Just a minute. I have to call my wife. She wanted me to pick something up at the store and I can’t remember what it is she wanted.” At that point you notice that he uses the company phone to make that call.

You must decide whether to report Fred’s theft of services to the company.

  1. Using the assigned readings (the text and E-Reserve assignments) choose one moral value or concept covered that you believe would be most effective in helping you to decide how to respond to this dilemma.
    • In your post, describe the concept as used in the reading. (Be sure to provide a citation to the article/page consistent with APA guidelines.)
    • Explain why the idea or concept from the reading you chose would be most effective for this scenario.

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