1.Give examples of how HR managers duties today are different from 30 years ago?


2.List the main components of a business plan, and describe each briefly.

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There is an error with the assignment listed above.  If you answered listing the main components of a business plan, I will accept the work.  Not to worry, and you learned something worthwhile.
However, this should be

List the components of a strategic plan, and describe each briefly.
3.What is an 1-9? What are two documents that establish identity? What are two documents that establish eligibility for employment?What are two employer responsibilities related to 1-9’s?
4.Find a provider of management development seminars.  Obtain copies of its recent listings of seminar offerings.  Which seminar(s) do you find most interesting?  At what levels of managers are the offerings aimed?  What seem to be the most popular types of development programs?  Why do you think that is the case?
5. Give examples of five potential appraisal problems. Answer the question, Who should do the appraising?
6. Discuss four basic factors determining pay rates.? Explain each of the five basic steps in establishing pay rates.?What is the difference between exempt and non-exempt jobs?
7.How does NIOSH define workplace violence?

What are the NIOSH classifications for perpetrators of workplace violence?
  According to OSHA how many U.S. workers are victims of some kind of workplace violence?
 A NIOSH study shows the highest number of homicides occurred in what workplaces?  Name the top three Although there is no federal law, what is the general duty clause employers must comply with?
 Site three (3) proactive approaches to a workplace violence prevention program.
8. What is it?  Where is it?  How does it impact HR?  and, How does OSHA operate?

Two paragraph minimum please. 

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