HRHM3020 UNLV Obsolescence And Retraining Of Technical Professionals In Healthcare

Department of Management and Marketing:

Hotel, Resort and Hospitality Management

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HRHM 3020: Hospitality Safety and Sanitation Management

Case Study # 2

Due date: see Syllabus

Paper guidelines: The case study must be typed with 1-inch margins, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman front, and numbered pages. Electronic submission through Canvas is required. Late assignments are not accepted.

Direction: Read the case carefully and answer the following questions.

Gracie was recently hired as foodservice director for an assisted living senior-care facility. Her first task was to take a close look at the foodservice practices at the facility.

First, Gracie noticed that residents were fed in a common dining room. Each caregiver was assigned to feed two residents. During the hectic lunch hour, Gracie witnessed caregiver taking residents to the restroom; wiping spilled food from residents; cleaning chairs, tables, and floors; and cleaning vomit. The caregiver’s primary concern is the safety of each resident, as well as overseeing residents’ nutritional needs and daily food intake. However, in their haste to return to the care of a resident, caregivers often failed to wash their hands properly.

Next, Gracie spent tie in the kitchen to watch meals being prepare by the cooks and prep workers. She noted that they carefully portioned food and checked and rechecked each resident’s individual dietary needs against the doctor’s prescribed meal type. However, she did not see final temperatures being taken before the food was portioned onto trays and loaded onto hot/cold holding carts. Each caretaker did wear disposable gloves. However, they did not always wash their hands prior to putting on new gloves.

Gracie knows that even with the demands of their job most of these employees genuinely care about the well-being of each resident. She also recognizes that their practices must reflect the best practices in food safety when it comes to preparation, handling, service, and personnel hygiene.


  1. What areas do you see as critical and requiring immediate attention?
  2. What practices require the retraining of current employees?
  3. What practices would you add to the orientation of new foodservice employees who will work in this facility?

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