“A Creative or Rational Process” Please respond to the following:

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 Chapter 1 of the Palmer textbook presents change management as both a creative and rational process. Present an argument, supported by the content in the textbook, as to whether you believe change management is more of a creative process, a rational process, or equal parts creative and rational. From your experience, provide at least one example based on your position concerning the argument.


 Provide at least two examples of how the change process is both a creative and rational process using the change stories presented in Chapter 1 of the Palmer textbook. Then, discuss a managerial implication or consideration for each position.




“Why Change Fails” Please respond to the following:


 Week 1 eActivity


 Use the Internet to research how at least two organizations failed to manage change appropriately. Be prepared to discuss.


 From the e-Activity, summarize the changes that the organizations were attempting to make, as well as the motivations behind those changes. Identify one thing that could have been done differently to improve the outcome and discuss how this action would have led to an improved state.


 From the sources of change failure outlined in Chapter 1 of the textbook, identify the most significant error that was made by each organization identified in the first part of this discussion. Justify your answer.

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