HRM1101 – Corporate Analysis Assignment


HRM1101 – Corporate Analysis Assignment

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  • Choose any publically traded company that interests you. Make sure that they are large enough to have been covered by the press.
  • One primary source for information on the company will be its website.
  • Read at least five articles about the company you are studying and complete the following grid.
  • Complete the grid that follows. To complete the assignment, download this document, fill in the boxes (this is a WORD document that will expand as you type in it), then submit the assignment electronically on Canvas.
  • Use topics covered in class and in readings as resources to answer the questions

HRM1101 Corporate Analysis Assignment.docPreview the document


Building off of the corporate analysis that you did for part 1, imagine that you are a manager within the company working on the next big thing that the company will release. Describe your office culture, the type of competencies that your team members need, give some examples of how you as manager will wield your power (Legitimate, Reward, Expert, etc). Finally, using one of the three leadership theories below, describe how you might apply this theory to an employee working on your team.

¤Fiedler’s Contingency Theory

¤Situational Leadership Theory

¤Path-Goal Theory

Paper should be 2 pages, font 12, Arial or Calibri font. If you use any outside sources please include a works cited page.

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