HRM308 Post University CH7 Training ROI Return on Investment Analysis Paper

Provide a brief overview about why calculating ROI is strategically important and list common types of items and services that would be included in an ROI analysis. Next discuss what items and services may differ in ROI calculations between different types of training. For instance, consider the differences between a soft skills training like leadership development and employees taking an Excel training program.

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Noe, R. A. (2017). Employee training and development (7th ed.). New York, New York: McGraw-Hill Education.

  • Chapter 6: Training Evaluation
  • Chapter 7: Training and Development Methods

Articles, Websites, and Videos:

Review this helpful article on Kirkpatrick’s Four-Levels of Evaluation:

  • MindTools Content Team. (n.d.). Kirkpatrick’s four-level training evaluation model: Analyzing learning effectiveness. MindTools.

Review Dr. Kirkpatrick’s website and pay particular attention to the newly refined New World Model:

  • The New World Kirkpatrick Model – Kirkpatrick Partners [Website]

This article discusses how to measure return on training investment:

  • Andriotis, N. (2017, November 20). Return on investment and how to measure it. eLearning Industry.

This article provides tips for strategically using HR metrics to solve organizational problems:

  • Feffer, M. (2017, September 21). 9 Tips for using HR metrics strategically. SHRM.

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