HRM308 Post University Train the Trainer Program Presentation

Congratulations on your new position, Director of Corporate Training! This is such an exciting time for you to put your training and development knowledge to work and hit the ground running. You have just received an email from your boss with the details of your first project:

Good morning!
We are thrilled to have you take the lead of our corporate training program. The first project we have for you is to create a standardized training program that you will present to your new staff in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Essentially, I need you to train the Trainers. There is more information about what is required below. Please be sure to complete the Notes section of each slide in PowerPoint with a robust and meaningful narrative, and remember to use relevant sources of information to support your training program design. I will need this project completed in 7 weeks.
Thank you!

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• Your project will include the topics listed below. Address each topic providing evidence as to why each is important to training program design: o Curriculum road map to show the overall training program and sequence. o Top five (5) KSA’s of your training staff. o Competency Model based off of those KSA’s. o Essential considerations for choosing trainers. o Conducting a Needs Analysis. o Selecting and preparing a training site conducive to learning. o Learning theories used to guide training preparations and implementation. o Appropriate pre- and post-training activities for adult learners. o Levels of management in support of training. o Assessing a training program’s success.
HRM308 – Training and Development Train-the-Trainer Program
• The presentation will present the major findings of your research through the units. The final product should showcase the concepts you have learned throughout the course and an understanding of how the concepts are put into real-world applications. • Each slide should provide succinct points of the key information that you wish to convey. • Include a narrative for the slides in your presentation by using the Notes section in PowerPoint to narrate the information presented in each slide.

All works should be written in proper APA format. • Include Title and Reference slides. • Include an Introduction and Conclusion. • Must consist of 12-15 slides, not including the required Title and Reference slides. • On your title slide, include the name for the project, your name, and date. • Use at least three (3) academic references to support your work. You may use your textbook, resources from the units, or peer-reviewed outside resources (Wikipedia is not considered an academic resource).

Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and

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