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If training is to add value to the organization, effective learning objectives must reflect the organization’s strategic focus. From these objectives, specific learning goals are established that define the actions that must take place within the three learning domains for learning to be accomplished. Training goals give us direction for training content and establish the parameters for how to assess accomplishments. They become the overarching roadmap for the training project.


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Write one SMART Performance Objective for each of the three Responsibilities and duties listed below.for the job of Delivery Driver.Listed below you will find the Job Summary and Responsibilities and Duties for the Delivery Driver position.Your answers MUST adhere to the SMART acronym.


The delivery driver processes and delivers materials, equipment and/or supplies to all campus locations.This position is based on the Dairy Creek Campus, but deliveries are made to all organization locations.


1.Performs and schedules preventive maintenance (i.e. oil changes, chassis lubrication, bulb/fuse/wiper replacement, etc.).

2.Completes hazardous chemical awareness program and maintains up-to-date knowledge regarding safe transport and handling of chemicals and other potentially hazardous substances.

3.Cross trains in other department operations as assigned.


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