HRM445 Organizational Change week four



        OUTLINE the amount of words depends on you.

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 O rganizations must be adaptable and responsive to changes in the environment to succeed. Within the organization, individuals and groups must learn to manage change and cross-functional sharing of resources and knowledge. Select an organization to research.


  Research and design an organizational assessment to enhance leadership skills, promote team innovation, and build a culture to support and mange change.


Discuss at least 3 change models, and analyze how they address the process of change in an organization.


Select a method for data collection, and discuss your rationale for the selection of this method.


Design a plan that addresses the need for goal setting that is horizontal and vertically aligned, and discusses the correlation between aligned goals and a collaborative work environment.


Apply diagnostic skills to the situation and develop a preliminary diagnosis on how to improve the organizational climate related to aligning goals.


Describe options for presenting feedback to the organization, and select the process that you would recommend for offering feedback on your diagnosis.


What resistance might you encounter in how your organization will recive the assessment?


Offer your recommendations for addressing the resistance to change.





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