HRM500 Strayer University Safety vs Ethical Decisions Discussion

Question: “Safety vs Ethical Decisions”

When a restaurant employee slipped on spilled soup and fell, requiring the evening off to recover, the owner realized that workplace safety was an issue to which she had not devoted much time. A friend warned the owner that if she started creating a lot of safety rules and procedures, she would lose her focus on customers and might jeopardize the future of the restaurant. The safety problem is beginning to feel like an ethical dilemma. Suggest some ways the restaurant owner might address this dilemma. What aspects of human resource management are involved?

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Dr. Vic: From the scenario described regarding the restaurant owner and balancing safety concerns with customer priorities take a look at Ch. 1, page 3, Figure 1.1 on Strategic HRM and please select at least two, and preferable more, aspects of HRM that would apply to the decision the restaurant owners will need to consider. Explanations on each of the HRM practices follows within Ch. 1. Please list and explain your response – I am not just looking for your opinion in this DB, I need you to actually use text info to craft a practical (real life) and academic HRM response.

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